Author: Hellmann eCommerce
Jeans Fritz Fashion

The improvement of the Online Shop is going well!

“It’s going to be an exciting year with a lot of new online products together with Jeans Fritz and Hellmann eCommerce”, announced Georgios Traintafillou, Jeans Fritz head of eCommerce, at the beginning of the year. The whole team of Hellmann eCommerce already proofed, the expectations could be exceeded – “one team, one word”!

The aim was to improve the “front-end” performance  the way an end-customer gets a more vital experience of shopping. The concentration was to improve the loading time, through an efficient use of caching and load-balancing. “One rule of eCommerce is, with every second of loading time, you lose about  15% of potential customers, 80% of them will not visit the online shop again. So, we defined our focus.”, referred the appropriate Account Manager Sven Beckmann enthusiastically.

Before increasing the shop performance the shop took approximately 3,5 seconds loading the first bit. Now we just speed up to 0,1 seconds. Frequently visited sites can be loaded faster. Beside this the abandon rate was considerably and sustainably reduced. Big points of improvement for 2016 are to relaunch the design and integrate a newsletter adapting them to a more modern style. This will allow us to bring Jeans Fritz to the next level.

“This is a project and a customer, making a lot of fun to work with. Thus, we supervise Jeans Fritz a full-service e-commerce partnership, we are able to deploy our philosophy and strength significantly. There are no gaps of information nor friction loss, as working with several partners. Jeans Fritz und ourselves develop ideas and let them become real. We are full responsible. I’m looking forward to the design relaunch in 2016. Thereby Georgios and Sven are hauling up the web shop in another league and prepare it for more dynamic increase”, explains Lars Feldscher, Senior Vice President Hellmann eCommerce.

Through our competence in different divisions of development, design, usability and organization we are able to create a market and competitive appearance of the online shop and the brand Jeans Fritz.

Together with Jeans Fritz we are looking forward to an exciting and successful future for the next year!