Author: Hellmann eCommerce
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MONOQI goes to Australia

"With the possibilities offered by the Hellmann Group in the field of global inbound logistics, we as a company are given new opportunities for a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage the future flow of our goods from production to end customers," said Felix Schlegel, CEO and co-founder of MONOQI.

Hellmann eCommerce could now demonstrate this: In April 2015, containers with designer products from MONOQI were shipped to Australia for the first time with the help of Hellmann eCommerce. This order contained a wide range of products from international designers which were bought in Australia from a sales platform and marketed within Australia.

The orders were sent by the in-house middleware to the own logistics center, so that the goods could be organized and customized immediately. The Hellmann Middleware is the central data hub which has direct communication with the online store, the MONOQI ERP system, and connected third-party systems - such as the logistics software. Following this, the in-house sea freight department took over the transport from the outgoing port to Australia, which included both shipping and customs clearance.

Hellmann eCommerce and MONOQI have a growing collaborative partnership since 2014. International shipments have been a part of everyday business since the beginning of the cooperation. With the shipment to Australia, Hellmann eCommerce has impressively demonstrated its expertise when it comes to operational management and technical IT control in non-EU countries.