Author: Hellmann eCommerce
Jeans Fritz Wear

Relocation of Jeans Fritz Online Shop!

With the merging of the frontend business, Hellmann eCommerce takes care of a large sector of the value chain of the online and multi-channel business of Jeans Fritz. "Also implementing the performance module frontend was a logical step", Karsten Bockbreder, Vice President at Hellmann eCommerce says. "The benefits are: more effective work between only two parties and shorter communication channels for almost all topics."

“With this decision, we now have placed all the important areas of our online business with a single strategic partner, whom we feel very comfortable with, and have also created a synergy for the enhancements of the ecommerce business for the coming years”, Georgios Triantafillou, head of ecommerce at Jeans Fritz, says. “We are looking forward to the ongoing cooperation.”

A design relaunch of the webshop has not been established yet, but it is in planning. New features, which shall increase the positive shopping experience, will be implemented by Hellmann eCommerce in the course of the take-over of the shop. A big factor will be multi-channeling in order to connect the online, and the brick and mortar business. In this regard, Jeans Fritz wants to continue to grow, and can benefit from Hellmann eCommerce’s experience in the field of multi-channel.

It is going to be an exciting year with a lot of new online projects for Jeans Fritz and Hellmann eCommerce.