The Hellmann eCommerce story

KassetteIn order to start our story, we think back to the early ‘80s. Ronald Reagan becomes President of the United States. Punks & yuppies are everywhere. MTV is launched and at the same time, people are trying to fix their spaghettied tape with the goal of being able to put their first video recorder into action not to forgetting the Atari 2600, one of the first game consoles. Exciting years, also for the logistics industry. Jost Hellmann, who had already facilitated growth of his family-owned logistics company in Europe, wanted more than just Europe. So he packed his bags and started a journey of innovation. Just imagine, this ambitious entrepreneur making his way from one country to the other during times of tennis socks, head bands and piercing colors. He started in China, and continued to Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries, in order to spread the word and build up new Hellmann sites all around the globe.

Old MobileCharacterized by this decade, we jump straight to the ‘90s, time of Pokémon and Tamagotchies, the time when every child awaited a letter from Hogwarts, the decade in which we saw J.D. & Turk (Scrubs) as our friends and not just as any series characters. The majority of people still thought of a river in South America when hearing the word Amazon, while music could already be taken along digitally wherever you went. To be honest, we actually felt quite comfortable and content around that time. However, information technology starts rolling out, and also the family Hellmann also realizes that a journey towards a digital future has to be undertaken. The moment of birth for Hellmann eCommerce.

Starting off, customer requests mainly included the setup of online shops, which is why we worked and planned in projects. Later on, customers began asking about warehousing services, returns management or connections to interfaces. That was 2012 and we realized: We have to do it in a sustainable, professional, structured and strategic way. A start up atmosphere evolved and our vision was cut in stone:

"We want to offer end-to-end services. We want to be a business partner to our customers and discuss their plans and vision with them. We, as Hellmann eCommerce have the competence to talk about digitization. We understand the whole E-Commerce value chain. When you work with Hellmann eCommerce, you will find a large set of employees that make up one team of online business experts."

New MobileIndependent, with our own ideas, our own office and our own team we set the digitization ball rolling. Today, we can look at an impressive customer and service base. Each and every customer is very different. We have customers of varying sizes, and from different industries and countries, who are all connected by one common goal: running a successful online business.

Influenced by this wave of innovation, which Jost Hellmann set off in the ‘80s, Hellmann eCommerce also aims at constantly developing new skills and techniques. We were born out of an idea. We have goals.

We are Hellmann eCommerce, we do E-Commerce and we love what we do.

Are we the right partner for your business objectives?

The basis for a successful working relationship between you and Hellmann eCommerce is a perfect fit. Our services are designed for businesses with online sales revenues between ten and one hundred million Euros, or with a short-term goal to achieve this range. We have also already supported customers that basically started at zero. Prerequisites for such cases are the anchoring of the online store in the business plan, and the will and power to achieve something big.


Hellmann eCommerce Profile

  • Hellmann eCommerce
  • GmbH & Co. KG
  • E-Commerce Services
  • Osnabrueck
  • 32
  • 2006
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