Customer Care

First-class service and excellent support

Whether consulting before, during, or after a purchase, or offering additional after-sales solutions, we are happy to provide your customers with professional support. As the most important link, our Customer Care Team offers support services that are always customer-oriented. Through an excellent and technically savvy networking of online shop / order management system and warehouse management, package services and bookkeeping, we ensure fast, targeted and friendly processing. Your benefits: Increased purchase frequency, reduced administrative costs, good ratings and less frequent customer migration. Our Customer Care Service optimizes your business and increases your sales.

Customer Service

Our employees are fully dedicated to your product range, and have the expertise to guide you through your offers and ordering processes. We are about to help your customers in every aspect of their purchase and products offered. In close coordination with you, we also consult with customers and potential customers with every need.

Cross Selling and Upselling

We know: customer needs are characterized by an individual sensation. This is why an exact analysis of these needs comes naturally for us. We advertise your product portfolio methodically. Cross-selling and upselling requires a sense of flair and experience - our employees, therefore, continue to develop regularly with the current trends. Ideally, turnover potentials are tapped into.


Good customer service is also characterized by a fast response to complaints and damages/defects. Because of that and our omnichannel-philosophy, we can be reached by phone, e-mail, live-chat or video-call, which provides your customers with reliable information and (if necessary) also issue credits for defective or damaged products. We provide you with all the experiences we have with your customers in reports.

Customer Recovery

We retrieve former customers with a comprehensive recovery strategy. We succeed in many cases in swaying former customers to a new purchase, and rebinding them through improved customer support.

Customer Relationship Management

An omnipresent CRM is characterized by cross-channel customer interaction; because ultimately, the customer chooses the means by which to contact you. Depending on which channel a customer chooses, he has specific expectations as to how his request is dealt with. We know these expectations and live up to them. Customers often establish contact in a variety of ways. Channel-wide monitoring keeps us in touch with all manner of interactions, whether social media or paper letter and we can respond appropriately and competently.

Complaint Management & Reporting

Even if and especially when we receive a customer’s criticism, we use it to help improve our performance. “We guide you to cater to the wishes of your customers and constantly improve your offer. In addition, we implement customer-friendly complaints management and provide you with an overview of the wishes of your customers through regular reports.

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