Financial Services

Our financial services can take care of your entire payment process and give you security.

Leaving the details aside briefly, we have a common goal at the end of the day: to earn money with our business. Not only does making money require a lot of work, finances should be handled carefully, securely and correctly. We have been working diligently and accurately for many years as an advisor for digital financial matters; ensuring high-level security for your finances. We can take care of all your financial matters together with certified and reliable financial services companies. Our financial services include receivables management, as well as customer-oriented payment management. We not only minimize payment losses, but also ensure customer satisfaction by way of simple and secure payment processes.


We work exclusively with certified Payment Service Providers (PSP), and tie your company in with PSP services nationally and internationally. As a financial advisor, we also analyze the types of payments offered to your customer, and give you valuable advice on how these can be aligned with the needs in your target markets to increase conversion.

Debtor Management

We carry out accounting for "accounts receivable” sub-ledgers, current totals and balances. Their monthly compilation and monthly payment deadline overviews also form part of our financial services range. We keep a constant eye on open payments and have the associated debtor, and maturity structure lists available to view at all times. We check all internal and external data daily, to ensure a complete overview of the customers’ credit score.

Dunning and collection

We implement automated processes, with the help of which we manage all your customer orders, issue credit notes, take care of open invoices, and the reminder system - either digitally or analogously. We operate according to your requirements. We remind customers in arrears based on our agreements with you. Where a payment is not made to deadline, we transfer the claim to reliable collection agencies.

Risk Management

Of course, we are also acutely aware of any risks for you. When it comes to fraud prevention, we have extensive experience in minimizing default payment risk. This way, you can make the most of your sales. Dynamic score values help us control and limit risky orders. Our OMS checks external addresses and doubles and automatically carries out internal solvency checks, including classification of black, gray, and white lists. The professional expertize of chosen finance companies, such as in external credit assessment, round off our risk management services.

Analysis & Reporting

We lay the foundation for continuous improvement with our broad, analytics. We analyze the payment method mix, the external solvency checks, and to what extent agreed payment targets are being met on a monthly basis. We analyze various key figures according to your individual needs: discounts and sales achieved can be tracked, realization quotas of open invoices with respect to due dates, reminders and collections can be checked or reports on full, and partial returns per product or payment type can be created. The information we generate helps you to constantly optimize your company.

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