Global Rollout

Your field is the world

Companies sometimes hesitate when facing a global rollout of their digital business. After all, this poses a great risk for reputation and potential waste of resources. On the other hand, globalization is one of the most important growth strategies, hesitation can mean missing a big opportunity. We open the door to unknown markets for you.

Internationalization Strategy

Entry into the international market requires a strategic approach that is critical to your success. We use your KPI’s to design operational implementation strategies, and pave the way for the successful start of your global rollout.

IT Infrastructure

Quality, performance, and reliability are critical to shipping, and just as important for your IT infrastructure, which will play an even more important role following global rollout. With an appropriate OMS, we offer numerous solutions that help us, and you to implement your global rollout project as quickly, securely, and easily as possible.

International Marketplace Connection

You can only reach your full potential in a global rollout, utilizing international marketplaces as well. For example: the TMall Global and JD Worldwide marketplaces are extremely popular in Asia, although they are hardly known to anyone in Germany. These pioneers combine a market share of more than 80%, and the connection of your company to these marketplaces could almost be regarded as mandatory for a successful rollout.

Worldwide Fulfillment Solutions

Questions regarding customs clearance, high shipping costs, or the much more complex returns handling hamper the efforts for a more international alignment. Our logistics partners are represented at numerous locations around the world, so we can offer you custom-made solutions that depend on your objectives, shipping volumes, and the quality of the goods. Quality and reliability are our top priorities, since this is also what your customers expect from you.

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