One experience, all channels

Modern consumers are no longer tied to traditional business hours, and opt for a home shopping experience for convenience. Online trade makes this possible. Goods bought by mouse-click sometimes reach their buyer in less than 24 hours. Today’s customer buys when, where and how he wants in exactly this second. He expects the same experience, the same emotional presentation and the same payment methods in all channels. The customer is at the core of our thinking and activities, if not, the chances are he’ll look to the competitor.

It is our pleasure to accompany you in exploiting the opportunities offered by omnichannel retailing. We not only have the necessary omnichannel experience, we also combine know-how from numerous other areas and a powerful IT infrastructure, with which we can achieve your goals in omnichannel commerce. We implement benchmarks from projects already realized, and we know exactly how the upsale quota increases through integrating click + collect or return-to-store processes.

Omnichannel Marketing

Particularly, companies that have both a physical and online presence are well advised to offer their customers a consistent omnichannel experience. In certain terms, this means that service quality, consulting services, promotions and price / performance ratios should follow the same standards independently to achieve an optimal customer experience. To ensure this, appropriate implementation strategies and experiences in the field of omnichannel retailing are needed. We offer you tried and tested solutions to better understand your customers and their journeys, thus meeting their individual needs across all media - omnichannel management custom made!

Omnichannel Returns Management

Should a customer have an issue, he can decide how to contact you. Timely, adequate, and effective reactions lead to success. A customer returning a purchase from your online shop to one of your stores, can be referred to other offers and services in store. We are happy to send the store the buyer’s history. The payment can be refunded directly at the cash desk, even if he paid online by credit card.


Mobile first! Of course, omnichannel retail and omnichannel marketing are carried out via smartphone nowadays. Companies, which do not offer such possibilities, face the danger of losing potential customers, as the competitor never sleeps and alternatives can be found quickly. More than 50% of purchase decisions are made using smartphones.

Online Marketplaces

Marketplaces are a simple, expensive and strategically dangerous way to quickly increase sales. We link your company to the desired marketplaces and take appropriate steps to ensure that important data, such as inventory and availability, are always up-to-date, helping steer your customers from the open market place into your brand space.

Your benefits at a glance
Cross-selling potentials
Competently address customers in all sales channels
Sustained increase in customer satisfaction
Be prepared for the needs of the next generation of "Digital Natives"
Happy clients


The company founded by Friedrich Schleich in Schwäbisch Gmünd 80 years ago is one of the largest toy producers in Germany and a leading international toy figure vendor.

Farm World

Jeans Fritz

Jeans Fritz is one of the largest providers of jeans- and casual clothing in Germany. Customers are able to shop online since 2011.

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