Order Management System (OMS)

Simplifying your IT-landscape.

A functioning IT-landscape is crucial to the success of any E-Commerce project. However, the design and operation of such a landscape is inevitably complicated and may result in a kind of "spaghetti architecture". The consequences: operation and the maintenance demand both human and financial resources. Changes are complicated, expensive and lengthy.

However, do not despair: With a customized order management system (OMS), we solve complex IT structures and complement/supplement them with newer, simpler, more functional systems. In the ideal case, our OMS controls all of your processes and the entire channel from this point on. Employees who were busy maintaining your systems in the past have enough freedom to drive the growth of your business.

Fast implementation

We implement change requests in a timely and modular manner in line with customer requirements. Your success is our success. Time is money. The competition does not rest. If you would like to use your own IT systems, we will also quickly link them to our OMS.

Single Source of Truth

Of course, our OMS is multi-frontend suitable and serves as a central communication and integration component, which acts as the hub of all IT systems. This is where all information from ERP systems, your online shop, a warehouse management system, the PSP and many more systems merge and can be analyzed holistically.

eCommerce Navigator (eCN)

You and your employees use the eCommerce navigator, an intuitive user front-end, to access the required data in the OMS in real-time. If you offer your customers a service hotline, the service staff can always access the latest information and give your customers reliable answers. Who has what rights in your OMS and can view which data can be determined by using a sophisticated roll concept. This is a real quality feature of our OMS, also with regard to reliable data protection.

Business Logic

When it comes to optimizing customer experience and customer security, business logic plays an important role. In an ideal OMS, these run in the background completely unnoticed. Intrasystem duplicate checks, blacklist matches and credit-limit checks lead to more payment security. By following certain procedures, you also save money by minimizing the number of chargeable audits necessary without increasing risk. We also increase your customer satisfaction through various OMS products: pre- and backorders, endless aisle, or drop shipments help you fully achieve your potentials.

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Full use of cross-selling potentials
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Creation of unique shopping expericence for your customer
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